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This training takes about 7 hours (if you work on it full time) and leads to your life mission. This is an online and step by step training that you do during the moments that suits you. First I tell you my mission in life and then I explain the concept of this game. After that you choose your twelve talents from a (digital) pile of 86 different archetypes.

These 12 talents are your archetypes and form your inner team that is led by your king or queen. You do a number of imaginations on the guidance website by audio and video clips and that brings your inner kingdom to life. This is really miraculous is my experience. To choose those twelve talents you get access to an online whiteboard (see below). There you can move with your cards (talents) and add them to the round table board and to the tree of life. We will have contact via mail or wapp so that I can give you feedback.

After completing 75% of the training we meet via Zoom. Busy people are at 75 % of the training after two months, if you have more time it takes two weeks. This depends and you decide your own pace. Via zoom I give you your personal explanation of your tree of life: Which talent do you use to earn money, which one do you need to energize yourself and what talents are working on your mission? After strengthening your king/ queen (increasing your personal leadership in management terms) you will formulate your mission of life!
If you are not happy with this training, you will get your money back.

Below an impression of the tools to be used.

Below you see the different steps that will take you through this online training. Most of the steps are accompanied by questions that you fill and are received by me. This way I can help you with your progress.

My mission in life (5 minutes)
Your current life path (10 minutes)
Explanation of the method (3 minutes)
How to choose your twelve talents (50-70 minutes)
The round table board (15 minutes)
Imagination of your kingdom (60 minutes)
What’s going on in your kingdom (15 minutes)
Meet the symbol of your soul (15 minutes)
Your tree of life (15 minutes)
General explanation of the tree of life (5 minutes)
Tree of life in detail (15 minutes)
Time to meet you (30 minutes)
Strengthen the position of your king (15 minutes)
Instruction of rainbow cards (20 minutes)
Understanding rainbow cards (10 minutes)
Your life mission (4 minutes)
Explanation how to formulate your life mission (20 minutes)
A message card (10 minutes)
Completing this course

Below recommendations are from persons I helped further so far. May be you are the first in English 😉


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